Thursday, 1 March 2012

Dinner on a doughnut in Dubai

Dinner on a doughnut
There are many perks that come with this job, whether it’s exploring the city via its diverse cuisine, eating out at flashy new restaurants every week, or meeting the young, up-and-coming chefs who are champing at the bit to make a name for themselves in Dubai’s highly competitive dining scene. But the assignments I enjoy the most are those that are slightly more bizarre, which is why I was excited and intrigued in equal measure about Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club’s latest dining innovation: a barbecue mounted aboard a floating doughnut.

Dining on doughnuts is one thing, but dining upon one is another matter altogether, especially when it’s floating on Dubai Creek. Of course, said doughnut isn’t made from deep-fried flour dough (which isn’t renowned for its flotation properties); instead it’s a name given to the doughnut-shaped floating barbecue stations that have recently launched at Dubai Creek Club restaurant The Boardwalk. The boats have been imported from Germany, where they’ve long been enjoyed by holidaymakers on the Bavarian lakes. What made them of particular interest to me was the fact diners are provided with a cool box
of food and drink, a smouldering, charcoal barbecue and left to their own devices for a couple of hours.

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