Thursday, 1 March 2012

Vista Lounge and Bar In Dubai

In the case of many of Dubai’s bars, your wander to the bar involves mooching through a mood-killing shiny mall or outdated hotel reception bleating brain-melting muzak. However, the route to Vista at the new Festival City Intercontinental is so awe-inspiring good you may want to strut up and down it a few times as though it were a runway. The grand, high-ceiling ed entrance, flooded with light from the full-length windows during the day, is on a par with the Skimpiness when it comes to lobby scores (Yes, we subconsciously compare hotel receptions. How ‘Dubai’ is that?).
And if you liked the reception – you may well become a little overcome once you reach your final destination. Vista is divided into three distinct areas. Round the first corner and you hit the piano bar, where a tuxedo ed tinkle taps the ebonies and ivories, droopy chandeliers sparkle and couples rekindle romances or start something special around the cost tables.

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